Full Time Filmmaker

Full Time Filmmaker

The Ultimate Online Film School | taught by Parker Walbeck
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Solf Anapu


Thanks Parker. I am blessed by ur labor. God bless bro

Daniel Krotov

Hands down, the most informative course I have taken on this topic!

I'm a software engineer, but have always had a passion for filming and have always been interested in learning. I'm not looking at doing this as a career, but rather perfecting a hobby I have always enjoyed in my off-time. Over the years I have ta...

Lorenzo M. Vidali

Great for Seasoned Pros As Well

I've been in the industry for about 10 years, primarily as a producer and editor. As a higher number of budget-conscious consumers enter the market, the demand for a 1-man-band solution is going up quickly. That being said, I needed to improve...

Solf Anapu

Thanks Parker. I am blessed by ur labor. God bless bro

Daniel Krotov

I'm a software engineer, but have always had a passion for filming and have always been interested in learning. I'm not looking at doing this as a career, but rather perfecting a hobby I have always enjoyed in my off-time. Over the years I have ta...

Lorenzo M. Vidali

I've been in the industry for about 10 years, primarily as a producer and editor. As a higher number of budget-conscious consumers enter the market, the demand for a 1-man-band solution is going up quickly. That being said, I needed to improve...

Cecil Turner

Was starting to get burned out with filming. Was really at it for a year then got frustrated and like most of us do we quit. Found Parker on youtube and immediately signed up for the course. Now the fire is going strong for filming again! Put ...

Vincent Acheampong

I don't have the words to describe how much value FTF has brought to me since i took the bold step to enroll. I am gradually gaining confidence and preparing to put my stuff out there once i am done putting it together. Great lessons, tips, a...

Anton Rosario

Thank you Parker! You have gave me all the confidence I need to pursue my dream of working for myself doing what I love! That is far more valuable than my college degree and this course is something I can always go back for reference. You are t...

Holden Means

Taking the applied knowledge from Parkers course really helped me as a videographer and a business owner. I went from 1-2 clients a month to now receiving 10-15 requests a month. This course has already more than paid for itself and I loved every ...

robert dudley

For 800 bucks I'm blown away! Awesome course easy to understand I give it a perfect 10 all day long!!

Conor Olstad

One of the most valuable aspects about my four year film degree was the relationships with the professors and students. Having someone to push you beyond your limits and work with you to achieve your goals. I didn't think this kind of community wa...

Kristoffer Klaus

FTF is just the best!!!! This is so crazy! Some time ago I bought a used Glidecam from a guy from eBay in person. He is a German film-maker and followed me for 2 months. last week he texted me if I was interested in a job , today we ve met for d...

Mato Thomas Hill

Amazing Course, exactly what I needed to boost me in my goals.

Phil Da Silva

Just want to say, This course is amazing! I had made a few videos on my iPhone and thought they were alright, but now I see how many mistakes I’ve made 😳 I was just learning from YouTube! I’ve learnt soooo much in literally a couple of weeks. ...

Kai Mrazik

Yellow people of the internet! If you are reading this right now it is most probable that you are a creative individual with an eye for detail and a desire to create compelling content. That was me, about 5 months ago. I really loved filming, and...

Malek Banoun

I just wanted to Thank you again for creating the Full time Film maker course! It was crazy, because I was just scrolling down Instagram one day and your video popped up asking me, "Do I want to be a full time film maker" and at that moment I w...

John Albright

daniel nunez

Neil Nassar

This is honestly one of the best investments that I have ever made! I have had this course for about a week now and I already learned so much!! Thank you Parker! I am only 15 at the moment and this has helped me so much tbh!

Jared Figueroa

It all started when I found one of Parker's YouTube videos, I needed to learn how to adjust the settings on my camera for video and some editing because at my job they needed me to make technical videos. I'm so happy I picked this course because I...

Charles Roach

This course is in-depth, personal, and incredibly informative. Not only does Parker care deeply about the content he publishes in this course, but he doesn't waste time talking about things that don't matter - he gets right to the point and doesn'...

noy avi

even i don't speak the language well, it doesn't matter because the content is so clear - more than courses in my native language.

John Morgan

Learned everything you need to know to be successful

Mika Mitchell

This course is exactly what I have been looking for for the past 5 years. After searching YouTube videos constantly to find questions I had on videography, this class has answered them all. Parker responds quickly to emails and in this field of w...

Daniel Hales

Joining Fulltime Filmmaker was the biggest inspiration for me to turn my experience in video production from just a hobby to a full-on career! Parker's expertise, experience, and charisma made taking this online course something I looked forward t...

Quentin Brendemuhl

Thank you so much Parker! It was well worth the money! I absolutely love the virtual job shadows! Hopefully one day I'll get to do one that isn't virtual. =)

Jake Weisler

I believe this course has helped me change my life. It has given me confidence, taught me vital skills, and helped me BEGIN to reach my potential. Parker is a master teacher and he has an ability to build connections and relationships without ever...

Annika Thierfeld

The course clearly exceeded my expectations. Parker explains the individual topics very well and structured. The individual videos are elaborated and bring the topic straight to the point. I've been interested in filmmaking for a long time, but ...

Julie Hall

I am a photographer wanting to up my video skills and knew that I would have to invest quite a bit of time into learning, however, with limited time to dive into the process, I wanted the best, most concise training possible. I'm not sure how I c...

David Griffin

I would highly recommend this course for entry level film makers. Ive taken courses like this before on different subjects only to seek for a refund later, but I can honestly say this course is invaluable and jam packed with highly useful informa...

Zachary Samples

Long overdue, But I'm super grateful for Parker and Full Time Filmmaker. I've always had an interest in film making, but I didn't really understand piling debt on top of debt to attend actual film school, when I may or may not even succeed in the ...

Marquand Ragland

I will admit I was skeptical at first, I am not new to this industry when I signed up but after following Parker I noticed he had some great ideas and I wanted to pick his brain. After purchasing the course I must admit it is the real deal. I have...

Dominic Torres

This course is absolutely worth it. It has saved me not only money on knowing what to buy, but it has also saved me lots of time learning. 5/5 would recommend to anyone!

Myke Wilkerson

Just the money that I have saved from being a part of this group has paid more than the cost of the course. I constantly review the material and level up in my abilities. I am booking more clients and making more per project because of FTFM. I wis...

Brian Nelson

This course is so worth the money! Parker is such an amazing mentor and really knows his stuff. I had a pretty solid background in video production prior to joining but this course has really taken my skills to the next level!

Randy Ignacio

Thanks Parker! As a beginner film maker, I found this course extremely useful and practical. I love the tools and the content you've given. I love the content and the amount of effort you put into making this product. I'm sure you put your h...

Andrew Cooney

After being the course for 2 months, I haven't had too much opportunity to take in everything the course has to offer. From what I have spent the time on though, I would pay the price just for that. Great value, always new and helpful content adde...

Mario-Martin Reinhold

Parker has done an amazing job breaking down everything you need to know about filmmaking. No fluff, just straight to the point as needed. The virtual job shadows, feedback Fridays and a Facebook group where you can get feedback from all the peopl...

Jeff Rivera

Highly recommended. I always felt intimidated about the technical aspects of filmmaking, but with this course, I no longer feel that way.

Serge Kachanov

- The info is accurate and to the point - Lots of good info was shared and it gave me a good base and showed directions to explore more - Adobe subscription is an excellent addition

ranjit singh

You have a knack of teaching in a way that is simple and easy to understand....not to mention that the creativity that I can now produce with just one scene is insane....so thank you!

Diaa Muhammad

I am beginner Filmmaker And I love so much Editing And Filmmaking And when I saw the promo for this Course I thought that course will be very good to me and here I am. I knew lots of things Because of this course And I am still watching again and ...

Fernando Pinales

There's a lot of knowledge for those starting out who would want to learn everything in one place. It includes a lot of tips and tricks for saving time while shooting and editing. For those more advanced users, the virtual job shadows and busines...

Cristiano Serrato

All of your instruction content has been game changing for me. Thanks a ton! It has literally catapulted my success & continues to take it to the next level. Unquestionably, I would not be where I am in my career if it was not for the c...

Colby Kendell

I started this course the night it launched. I was teaching college full-time and pursuing my love of film on the side as a freelancer. After studying and applying the principles taught in these modules, I have since landed my dream job as the D...

Sen De Silva

Shout outs to Parker Walbeck who created this. Might sound like a lot of money to join but to have someone who's done it all mentor you is worth the value of the course alone in my opinion!! Parker is constantly updating it with new tutorial video...

Kemuel Leão

Jen Holmstrom

I sped through this material, because it is so clear and detailed. Super simple to follow! Parker is so efficient, he gets right to the basic tools needed to start producing quality work. He is also always there to answer questions and guide us...


Daniel Ah Shang

Matt Hutchinson

Fulltime Filmmaker is an amazing course! Myself I have attended film school and have spent about 15,000$ on my education and I can honestly say the information I have learned in this course has proven more valuable to me then anything I have learn...

Erico Rovayo

Parker is simply amazing! His detailed training has allowed me to learn more about filmmaking and apply it to my wedding videography business. Parker goes through all the training with passion and incredible knowledge that makes it so easy to foll...

Adrian Aldag

This course is a must for beginners/intermediate filmmakers everywere

Nate Teahan

This course is perfect for any skill that you are looking to learn. Whether you are looking to learn completely new things and improve your overall skills as a film maker, or if you simply want to refresh on a couple of topics that have been forgo...

Jack Wade

Iv'e only watched the first chapter and i'm very satisfied with how clear the information is and how clean it is. It's explained so a beginner AND someone more advanced can both learn from the same content!

Raw Cinematics

The Full Time Filmmaker Course makes you completely rethink how the filmmaking process works, Parker describes right down to the detail how he became successful and lays it out in an easy to follow series of videos. If you're looking to realise t...

Lukas Gurdziel

The Best filmschool.

Trellany Udall

I have LOVED this course. I have learned so many things that have taken my video to the next level. Parker is great at giving a break down of all the ins and outs of what I need to know to be successful. If anyone is thinking about purchasing this...

Abhi Thaker

Noornabi Zarief

I will say, parker made this course so easy, that any one can learn it easily :) ! Great go Parker !

Robertis Tongbram

I have tried several other courses online, but I never learned what I wanted to learn. This course has so many things from composition, lighting, glidecaming, editing, sound design... Some of the things i love about this course: (1) Glidecam tu...

Christopher Olson

Just as a brief background about myself, I've been film making for 3 years now having done my own freelance productions, and working as a video intern for a non profit over the last year and a half. I've worked on loads of different projects and I...

Andrew Lyle

Great course, definitely learned some things from this. Worth the money!

Ryan Sellers

Ty Askeroth

It's been years that I've had an interest in video and film production. Finding direction to learn all the ins and outs on my own was becoming possible but a very slow moving process. Full Time Filmmaker is the ultimate Game Changer I've needed to...

Brian Carter

I will forever owe my success to this course and to you Parker! My life has changed thanks to you! Love from Croatia, Luka

David Liao Moreno

Glenn Thiltgen

The content provided in this course couldn't have been put together this well by anyone that wasn't passionate about what they are doing. The content shines and brings a wealth of knowledge from one of the best in the business. Before you invest i...

Ilmir Stefanides

These courses have improved my film making by so much! Thank you Parker! My videos will be improving overtime. ;)

Rj Idos

This is an amazing course! For the past two years I've been learning filmmaking by trial and error, and this course allows me to expedite my learning curve. I love how Parker teaches the lessons in a clear and informative manner, making it easier ...

Jacob Kendall

The first video I watched I immediately learned something and as the course was going on I realized that I really new nothing about filmmaking prior to this course! this is one of the best purchases you can possibly make!

Tsai Jackson

Thanks Paker !

Parker Walbeck
Parker Walbeck

About the instructor

My name is Parker Walbeck. I am the creator of Full Time Filmmaker and will be your personal mentor through the program. You will have access to my personal email address for any unique questions you have along the way. Having worked with Devin Super Tramp for several years and run my own production company for several years more, I’ve had the opportunity to travel to over 20 different countries creating video content for top name brands. I know what it takes to create high quality video for a wide variety of clients, and I can’t wait to share my insights with you.

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20.0 hrs

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